5 SEPTEMBER 1995 - 4 AUGUST 2006

In August, we were greatly saddened to learn of the passing of a very great lady - the incomparable Wild Ash Fairplay of Salem Oregon, USA. We, of course, knew her as Molly Brown.

Molly was the longest and best Internet friend of our illustrious predecessor Queen Bessie, and we are proud to say that she was a great friend of ours as well.

The curious thing is that, although none of us at No 86 - neither humans nor Goldens - ever met Molly in person, we always felt as though we knew her as well as if she had been living next door all her life. We suppose that this was the natural consequence of all the emails and photographs we exchanged, via our human Mums and Dads, over the many years of our acquaintance. In a funny way, she became a sort of invisible presence at out home, and we will always remember her with great warmth.