16 April 2001 - 20 AUGUST 2011


On 20 August we were greatly saddened to learn that our great and good friend Dayna, with whom we had spent many happy and carefree days, had passed away. This wonderful little lady, who had lost her battle with liver cancer, faced her final days with such courage and grace that we were left in awe of her nobility and character.

These words in memoriam were passed to us by her owners, Scott England and Kate Field:

Dayna came to us just before her seventh birthday, retiring from Buffalo Kennels after raising four litters of puppies. The only thing in the world Dayna was afraid of was thunderstorms, and such a storm was in full flight when she first arrived. Thus, our first impression was of her hiding under her bed.

Well, after about an hour the sun came out and so did Dayna; she exchanged greetings with her half-brother Angus, explored her new house and garden and promptly decided that this was a good place to be Top Dog. We soon learned that Dayna was tirelessly energetic, a natural leader, enthusiastic, and always seemed to be in a hurry. Dayna wanted to fit as much as she could into each day.

Dayna was determined to master the one skill Angus had but she didn't: that of swimming. While Angus moved through the water like a big cruiser, Dayna was a picture of flailing paws and splashing. Still, she never gave up and in any case she had no fear of deep water. After several outings to Lake Burley Griffin her persistence yielded results and she added swimming to her list of accomplishments.

In her self-appointed capacity as leader of the pack, Dayna was very protective of both Angus and her human family. She had boundless affection for all of us, but she wasn't content to just sit at our feet; she adored physical contact, and she would bump us with her muzzle over and over if we didn't keep patting her. She and Angus were inseparable - whatever one of them was doing, the other would be there, too.

In the nearly three and a half years that Dayna lived with us, she brought so much happiness to our home. Her inexhaustible energy and affection were a constant joy.