23 MARCH 2004 - 7 OCTOBER 2015


In October 2015 we were greatly saddened by the death of our great good friend Angus. We had known The Big Guy since May 2008, and he had stayed with us on many occasions over the years. Indeed, we liked to think that he regarded No 86 as his second home, and it was always an enormous pleasure to have him visit us here.

His loss hit us all pretty hard, because we all thought the world of Angus, and loved him to bits. The original gentle giant, he had an enormously engaging personality - always happy and playful and utterly irrepressible despite the pain and discomfort he obviously experienced in his rear legs from time to time. It really was an honour and a privilege to have know this wonderful fellow, and we will never forget him.

These words in memoriam were passed to us by his owners, Scott England and Kate Field:

Amongst a lot of very special dogs, Angus still managed to be special.

At two years old, Angus ruptured the cruciate ligaments in both knees. Despite the best vet care available, for the rest of his days he walked with a limp, and he was unable to either run or jump. This setback could have defined him, but he didn't let it; he remained relentlessly cheerful, affectionate and gentle, always a bit of a clown who seemed to enjoy making people smile.

Angus never met a stranger that he didn't like, and every stranger in the world liked him, but under the affable exterior Angus was really a homebody who adored his family; his human family, and his half-sister Dayna, then her daughter Taylor, then Taylor's daughter Phoebe. He was happiest sitting at our feet at home, and when we were away on holiday, sitting at the feet of Brick and Janice.

In Angus' later years we became grandparents, and Angus was perfectly happy as a 'grand-dog'; when tackled by a rambunctious toddler he remained gentle, patient and cheerful. Angus never gave in to adversity. He never complained about his difficulties walking. He was a wonderfully affectionate, gentle and happy dog who brought a smile to our faces and a contentment to our house.