It was my birthday on 20 January. I'm now nine years old and rapidly approaching grand old lady status, but not just yet awhile. Nope, I'm still superbly fit, and still quite capable of giving a kangaroo or a rabbit a run for its money. Indeed, the Pack Leader says that he can't tell any difference between the way I am now and the way I was when I first arrived at No 86 - except perhaps that I am now much more adept at twisting him around my little paw.

So here's my official ninth birthday photo.

OK, so I'm going to be incredibly gracious here and agree to share my birthday space with Saybo the Magnificent, lord protector of Dusty the Munificent and general all-round good guy. You see, by an amazing coincidence, Saybo and I share the same birth date, albeit he is one year older than me. Anyway, here he is on his tenth birthday, as usual so uber-cool and "laid back" that one can scarcely detect a pulse.

Well, after that dose of teutonic macho overkill, here are some more snaps of me on my birthday.